August 2016

Letter to Homeowners

from President, Tom Popek

Dear Chinquapin Homeowners:

I hope that homeowners who are at Chinquapin this summer are enjoying themselves. The weather is wonderful, the Lake is at its natural rim, and the property looks great. Thank you WMC.

We have a lot of activity at the pier, so much so that congestion often occurs. If you are waiting for friends or expect to need to dock for more than 15 minutes, please go to the Dollar House pier to wait. That pier has been upgraded and is much larger than it was.

With all the boating and pier activity, more pressure is being put on the available parking. Please do not park in signed areas for Units 163 – 174. These homeowners have no other place to park. The CHOA Board of Directors has done an initial survey and has identified a potential 8 – 10 more parking spaces in the pier area. We will proceed on developing these spots as rapidly as possible. We are also investigating the use of a golf cart shuttle to service the property from one end to the beach/pier area during weekends and holidays in the summer months.

With all the homeowners and renters who visit Chinquapin during the summer, we find that parking congestion is occurring over most of the property. The Grounds Committee is embarking on a longer term study to generate more homeowner parking. This, however, creates the need for a delicate balance between TRPA coverage regulations, BMPs and cost -- more later. Unfortunately we may never be able to solve the parking problems on July Fourth weekend, but we will still try.

The Board of Directors has passed a motion banning the use of drones on and above the property and also above the buoy fields and beaches.

There are three open Board of Director positions for election. Please follow all instructions (note two signature requirements) and return mail the ballots ASAP. We have the need for a quorum of voters and cannot continue Board activities without your vote.

The Architectural Review Committee (ARC) has been very active with many remodels requests by homeowners. There is a very well described and documented process to follow as described on our Chinquapin website. Please submit your remodel requests to the ARC ten days before their meetings (dates listed on our website) for consideration for approval at the next CHOA Board Meeting. Not adhering to the ten day advance submittal time period will delay your remodel.

The Dollar Estate Planning Committee is considering many options for the three empty buildings near the Dollar House. The Committee has been tasked with delivering their final recommendations for these buildings at the CHOA Board of Directors meeting on Memorial Day Weekend 2017. The committee will also provide a 15 minute summary of the status of their recommendations, discussions, and alternatives to all homeowners at the Annual Homeowners Meeting on September 3, 2016.

Enjoy the rest of the summer at Chinquapin and please remember to return the election ballots NOW

Yours truly,

Tom Popek
President, CHOA Board of Directors