February 28, 2018


Just when we thought that our dry winter was coming to an end, a “miracle” March may be upon us. Storms appear to be lining up and perhaps we will get a reasonable snowpack this year after all.

The mild winter has allowed your board and general manager to accomplish a lot. Completed projects include but are not limited to the following:

1) The decking on the main pier has been replaced.
2) The Dollar House patio lighting has been completed along with the rock wall and steps being restored and lighted as well. This will add evening enjoyment of the area, all summer long.
3) The roof on Dollar cottage number one has been replaced; we can report that all of the cottages are sealed with broken windows replaced and shutters installed.
4) A privacy fence has been installed on the north side of the Dollar House. The area has been cleaned out and preparations are ongoing to make it usable for all of us. This north patio of the Dollar House has a fabulous view and we anticipate it will be enjoyed.
5) The swim platforms are being restored.
6) Our security gate motors and control panels have either been replaced or are in the process of such.
7) We are in the process of revamping the security codes for the entrance gate and you will be hearing from WMC about that in the near future.
8) Privacy fencing has been installed at the storage yard at the north end of the property.
9) We have continued our forest management efforts.
10) Charter Communications is in the process of long term upgrade of the equipment serving Chinquapin.
11) Tennis court 5 will be adapted for pickleball use.
12) Tennis court 6 will be transformed into a two court bocce center.
13) The final steps in upgrading the pool project, specifically, installation of new filters is also in progress.
14) We are continuing our deck inspections and upgrades where necessary.
15) We are working with the utility district to move in unit master water shutoffs to the outside for accessibility.
16) In the fall we completed a number of water drainage management projects in the event of another heavy winter.

Other activities by the Board include deciding to indefinitely table the lot development project. This was done after careful examination of the facts as well as meeting with Placer County, TRPA, and our consulting engineer. A summary of what went into this decision is available in the General Manager’s office and I would be glad to discuss with anyone why this was shelved.

I am happy to report that our new General Manager, Brad Kohler, has a good grip on the reins. His knowledge of the property is growing daily. I have great confidence that his tenure will be successful.

Our association is in sound financial condition. Our “rainy day” fund is growing.

Our focus will remain renewing and upgrading our infrastructure as well as continuing to build our reserve.

Charles E. Quaglieri
President, Board of Directors
Chinquapin Homeowners Association