June 2017

Letter to Homeowners

from President, Tom Popek

Dear Chinquapin Homeowner,

Believe it or not, winter is over and the snow is almost gone from Chinquapin.
Only a few small piles still remain. Lake Tahoe and the Truckee River are
both full. The snow-capped peaks around the Lake provide a beautiful
backdrop if you are boating on the Lake.

Now that we can see the winter storm damage, we have a good understanding
of what repairs need to be made and fortunately these repairs are not as bad as
the original estimates. Road repairs and repaving is being done this month.
Please refer to an email from WMC dated May 30 to all homeowners for the
schedule and please heed all road closures so we can finish the work before the
July 4th Holidays. Damaged fences and stair railings have been repaired. The
removal of trees, limbs, and debris from the storms is expected to also be
completed before July 4.

The major remaining item: water damage from snow runoff, ground water
intrusion, foundation seepage, etc. will require soil and hydraulic consultation.
The analysis has begun, but it will be months before we have a flow diversion
solution to the many “creeks” that developed on the property. The bocce and
permanent pickle ball court project on one of the tennis courts will also need a
hydraulic analysis before proceeding.

Every year homeowners ask questions about the cost of the summer buoy
rental. The cost to rent a buoy is determined by the cost to provide, maintain,
and operate the buoy field. Chinquapin only covers it costs, and does not make
money on the buoy rentals, in fact, if you compare our buoy rental cost to the
buoy rental cost around the Lake, you will understand the “bargain” that we
have. Any homeowner wishing to understand the cost numbers may contact
Steve Giacomi, Treasurer, whose email address is on our website.
As a note of “heads up” in the year 2021, our State Lands Lease for the buoy
field will increase by about $50,000, a cost that will be shared by all the
homeowners using the buoys.

The new Chinquapin website is operational. Please visit it and send your
comments to Bob Duffield, our General Manager. We hope that you like its
simplicity of navigation and modern look. A webcam will be added soon.
The events section is important and is being populated now. The schedule for
the July 4th activities shows the reservation form for the July 4th BBQ. Sign up
now. Future events to be featured will be Sunday afternoon Bridge in the
Dollar House, tennis events, and pickle ball tournaments.

Homeowners are reminded to follow the tree, limb, and bush removal process
that is listed on the website. Substantial fines from both Chinquapin and TRPA
can occur from doing your own “cutting.”

There is a reason why we do not permit boats to be tied up overnight on the
piers on the Lake as one homeowner found out last month when he left his boat
overnight and with strong wind and wave action, found it the next morning
heavily damaged AND with substantial damage to the pier.

The Dollar Estate Planning Committee has delivered its final report to the
CHOA Board of Directors for its consideration. Thank you very much to
Landra Miles and her committee for its extensive work.

The appreciation of all of Chinquapin is expressed again this year to Al
Modena who provides the beautiful flowers we see next to the roadways, piers,
and pathways.

It is time to think about joining the CHOA Board of Directors. Two
incumbents are running for reelection and we have two openings for new board
members. It is a very rewarding experience and you can make a great
contribution to our community. Please contact Charles Quaglieri or Carl
Bertelsen: the nominating committee with your interest.

Yours truly,
Tom Popek
President, CHOA Board of Directors