11/09/2019 - Board Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
Saturday, November 9, 2019, 9:30AM
Carriage House, Chinquapin
3600 North Lake Blvd - Tahoe City, CA 96145

Directors Present
Charles Quaglieri, President
Terry Sarvas, Vice President
Steve Giacomi, Treasurer
Annie Mitchell, Secretary
Carl Bertelsen
Anthony Miles
Haley Packard
Directors Absent: None

Staff Present
Aidan Miles

Homeowners Present
Chuck Lanham #188
Greg Gendron  #75
David Nemeth #78
Susan Duval #46


I. President Quaglieri called the meeting to order at 9:30

II. Open Session – Homeowners had no comments, just wanting to observe. Gendron and Lanham will have input during the insurance sessions.

III. Motion to approve the minutes of the 8/31/19 meeting passed unanimously.

IV. President’s Report - Charles Quaglieri

  • Defibrillator update
    • Consulted with lawyer. While nice to have, the logistics are difficult.  Under AMA guidelines, you need to notify all local emergency personnel, keep a log and be tested every 6 months.  Defibrillator runs about $1500-$2000.  Will discuss further at January Board meeting.
  • Update on Sewer Situation
    • Engineer has begun looking at 3 sewer pits. The big sewer will run in the 150K range to replace.  Looking at Spring for completion.
  • Pool furniture options
    • 42 chairs and 20 chaises. 7k to restrap the chairs. If we add powder coating, the total will be 18k.   New chairs would be 30K and not the quality we currently have.  MOTION to approve restrapping with adobe color and powder coating for 18K passed unanimously.
  • New HOA Law
    • Passed new law on voting elections. HOA’s accountant cannot count elections. e., McClintock cannot count/run our election.  We are going to hold and not make any changes at this time because there may be some change due to the backlash from the community.

V. Committee and Staff Reports

  • Architectural Review Committee - Haley Packard
    • Review and approval of ARC meeting
      • Update on new Railing model
      • Unit 29 Basement Remodel
      • Unit 69 Bathroom Remodel
    • MOTION to approve the above passed unanimously
      • Unit 105 Basement Remodel—not approved and ARC will be going back to Homeowners with concerns
  • Building Committee – Carl Bertelsen
    • Fall painting is almost done and likely all planned/scheduled units will be completed before Winter
    • Ongoing Deck Issues—discussed Ipe decks and shrinkage of decks. 7 currently need to be fixed.
    • Original deck issues #17, 21, 24 are currently being worked on and repaired.
    • Dock Shuttle Boat Status is scheduled to arrive in December. Will store in Carriage house garage.
  • Grounds Committee – Terry Sarvas
    • Tree and Brush Removal. Brush removal is going well.  Have received a few HO complaints, but lots of work has been done.  Tree removal will continue before Winter.
    • Lighting on Dollar pier is in progress. Glow will be slightly less than main pier.
    • Speedbumps have been placed on carport row
    • Remaining boats on shoreline. Aidan Miles will send a blast email to homeowners to remove them.
  • Insurance Committee – Anthony Miles
    • Working with Gordon, insurance broker, to get bids on Platinum program. Will get bid the last 2 weeks in December.  Will have to have Emergency Board meeting in December to approve insurance.  Suggestion was to put in 10-20% increase in budget for insurance.
    • Chuck Lanham has also been investigating other insurance options.
    • Greg Gendron has experience as policy owner and supplying the insurance industry; he found discrepancy in CCR’s which he has discussed with the CHOA insurance broker David Gordon
      • Ambiguity as to whether property policy covers replacement to original conditon or ‘as is’
      • Suggestion is to fix the CCR’s. Anthony Miles will address the issue at January board meeting after insurance is   More complicated than it might appear. Change in CCR’s would need to go to HOA members for 2/3 approval.
    • Pool and Tennis Committee – Annie Mitchell
      • New windscreen has been delivered to cover up the unsightly concrete wall.
      • Greg Felich will return as tennis pro to Chinquapin in 2020
      • Doing cosmetic changes in the pool house
      • Two wooden benches and umbrellas being replaced

VI. Treasurer’s Report - Steve Giacomi

  • Financial Updates
    • Statement of operating funds and Replacement Funds. We will be significantly over budget for insurance and snow removal and minimally over in HO relations and building repairs.
    • Replacement funds as of 10/31/19 are 511K in Schwab in interest earning CD’s. 478K in Plumas Bank reserves.
    • All dues were paid except for a few late fees.
    • Monthly Financial Statements have been sent to Finance Committee for the last quarter and motion to approve Financial Statements with no changes passed unanimously.
    • McClintock says balance sheet is very good and we’re on solid footing. Liability on balance sheet approx. 7k for previous decks.   McClintock suggests moving 7k off balance sheet.   Motion to move 7K funds from operating to replacement funds passed unanimously.
    • The Association’s replacement reserves are currently 18% funded. The Association’s goal is to increase the funding of replacement reserves over time from regular quarterly assessments rather than from special assessments.  After review of our 2019 estimated actual results, it appears that there will be an estimated surplus for 2019 of up to $150,000 after making the budgeted allocation of dues to the replacement reserve fund.
    • Motion to amend the 2019 budget by increasing the dues allocated to the replacement fund by up to $150,000, with the exact amount to be reported back to the board by the mailing date of the 2020 budget package, and no later than Wednesday November 27th, 2019. The exact amount will be determined after Manager Aidan Miles refines the estimated 4th quarter 2019 expenses.  The amended 2091 budget will be included in the mailing of the 2020 budget package.  The board instructs the treasurer to make the cash transfer prior to December 31, 2019.  Motion passed unanimously.
    • Motion for General Manager to spend to 10K without board approval (extension from last year) passed unanimously.
  • Budget Review
    • Reviewed the 2020 budget. Funds from replacement reserve funds will be in put in reserve.
    • Motion to approve budget as presented passed unanimously.
    • Motion to approve to set assessment at $3125 a quarter passed.

VII. General Manager & WMC Reports – Aidan Miles

  • Need to discuss Dollar House usage at January Board meeting.

VIII. Adjournment- President Quaglieri adjourned the meeting at 12:56

IX. Executive Session—no executive session occurred