05/25/2019 Board Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowner’s Meeting

May 25th, 2019


Board Members:
Charles Quagliari, Terry Sarvas, Carl Bertelsen, Steve Giacomi, Anthony Miles, Anne Mitchell, Clint Carless (Via phone)

Present: Robin Kelly (Unit 162), Dave Nemeth (Unit 78), Guido and Debra Barbero (Unit 102) Aidan Miles (GM/WMC)

Via Phone: Greg Gendron (Unit 75) Bob Eberhardt (Unit 189)


Meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM

Homeowner open session:
The Barberos asked about renting the Dollar House for a single day for a wedding reception. Charles said it would be OK for them to book it for the single day. There were no further homeowner items.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 3/23/2019 were approved with one change to be made. Annie made the motion to approve, Terry seconded. Motion passed.

President’s Report

Charles turned over the floor to Dave Nemeth for a presentation regarding the dog rules at Chinquapin, which had been requested by the Board. During the presentation, Clint recommended that the Board send a certified letter to all owners reminding them of the rules regarding dogs at Chinquapin. Robin Kelly commented that in 2018, there were $655m paid out in claims involving dog bites. She stated that the average cost of a dog bite payout was $40k. She also noted that there are lots of variations as to how the claims pay out and who is found at fault, and in some cases the property itself can be found at fault along with the dog owner. Dave noted that all County lands, including open spaces, have the leash law in place. Dave also noted that the County has no problem having Animal Control come on the property to aid in enforcement. Charles Thanked Dave for his work on the presentation.

Charles reviewed the status of the current General Manager, who is on a 6 month contract. Charles stated he was happy so far with the GM’s performance, but that the summer would be the real test. Steve made a motion to extend the contract two months to make it through the summer season. Terry seconded. Motion passed.

Charles briefly commented on the need to do BMP work on the Dollar Estate parcel in order to keep the buoys for the 2020 season and onwards. Aidan reported that they are working with a contractor to design the work, with the installation taking place during September and October.

Charles discussed the upcoming election ant the timeline of notifications to Homeowners. Of the four Board members who are up for reelection, Clint Harless declined to run again, Steve Giacomi said he would run, and Terry Sarvas and Anne Mitchell said they would likely run again. Annie commented that we had to be sure of the election rules. Aidan circulated a timeline of what needed to happen and when.

Treasurer’s Report

Steve Giacomi reported that we are on budget in all areas except for snow removal, where we are slightly overbudget to date. Steve reported that as of the meeting date we have 4 delinquent owners for a total of around $15k. Steve noted that this level of delinquency is average. Steve discussed the 2018 Year End Review, and that no material issues were found. The financial statements were circulated among the finance committee members and no changes came back. A brief discussion was had regarding the implementation of an online dues payment system for those who wish to use it. A letter explaining this option will go out with the next dues mailing.

Architectural Review Committee

Annie Mitchell thanked the ARC members for the new fast-track process, which seems to be working efficiently. Annie then presented a request from Unit 24 to upgrade their large lakefront windows, including the change of one of the panes from two large pieces to three smaller pieces. Annie commented that the CHOA architect had said that the three pane setup was reasonable, but a 4 pane might be better to keep things even. Annie put forward the motion that the Board approve either the three pane or the four pane but the Board would prefer the 4. Terry made the Motion. Charles seconded. Motion passed. Annie discussed the new ARC process in which an owner would meet with the General Manager prior to submitting an ARC application to weed out any items that would not be approved before the owner spent money on design and engineering. This parlayed into a discussion of the new ARC fee structure, which is as follows:

  1. Owner contacts General Manager to discuss their idea of a remodel (This was suggested by CHOA Architect Scott Ryan. In his experience this cut down on lots of time for both HO and ARC and expense for the Homeowner)
  2. Homeowner submits application to the ARC with a $100 nonrefundable entry fee.
  3. $500 deposit, returned after the remodel and cleanup requirements are met.
  4. Additional fees based on Architect Use at an hourly rate of $235

Annie made a motion to approve the new fee structure. Anthony Miles seconded. Motion passed.

Annie also discussed that the ARC would be looking into a less expensive railing replacement process in the new style.

Building Committee

Carl Bertelsen discussed the status of Spring work, including chimney inspections and painting. Carl also asked for an update from Aidan Miles on deck repairs that were planned based on last season’s inspection report, and Aidan noted that they were moving along as intended, with one deck being slightly over its original budget. Carl informed the Board that an additional Kayak rack was approved for installation on the beach, and Aidan commented that it was on order and slated to arrive the first week in June. Carl also began a discussion with the Board about replacing the current pier shuttle boat with one purchased by the HOA. Terry commented that the HOA could lease it back to WMC for insurance purposes. The Board agreed further research and discussion would be necessary through the summer.

Grounds Committee

Terry Sarvas spoke about ongoing Grounds work, including asphalt maintenance, tree and brush removal, the addition of lighting to the Dollar House pier, the BMP work on the Dollar Estate lot to keep our buoy permit, and the upcoming renewal of our lease with the State for the buoys in 2022.

Insurance Committee

Nothing to report.

GM/WMC Report

Aidan Miles presented a report, attached to the end of this document. Most items in the report had been covered already by individual committee reports.

Meeting adjourned at 11:16 PM.