08/31/2019 - Preliminary Annual Homeowners Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Annual Homeowners Meeting

Draft Minutes

Saturday, August 31, 2019
The Dollar House
3600 North Lake Blvd
Tahoe City, CA 96145

Directors Present
Charles Quaglieri, President
Terry Sarvas, Vice President
Steve Giacomi, Treasurer
Annie Mitchell, Secretary
Carl Bertelsen
Anthony Miles
Haley Packard, New Board Member
Clint Harless, Outgoing Board Member

1. Call to Order. President Quaglieri called the meeting to order at 4:08 pm

2. Presidents Report Charles Quaglieri

  • Approval of minutes of the 2018 Homeowners Meeting—Motion passed unanimously.
  • 2019 Election Results. All incumbent Board members were re-elected and new member Haley Packard was elected.
    • Haley Packard will take over chair of ARC
    • Annie Mitchell will take over Pool and Tennis
    • All other committee chairs remain the same
  • Overview of Key Issues: Chinquapin is an old and complex property.
    • Insurance. In 2017 our insurance was 172K. In 2018, it rose to $385k. We’re awaiting the 2019 cost.
    • Sewers. We have our own sewer system that is comprised of gravity lines and 4 pump stations. 3 pump stations are very old (40-50 years) and are at the end of their life. It is a priority to start a replacement plan on these systems. It could potentially cost several hundred thousand dollars.
    • Decks. This past year 60 decks needed our attention which was costly. We will continue to monitor and fix the deck situation.
    • Fire Risk. A massive undertaking was done this past year—trimming trees, branches and bushes eliminating risk of fire. We have applied for a grant to assist in removing trees in the hill area. We will continue to work on defensible space, and forest thinning.
    • Buoys and Piers. We have to certify the piers and buoy field by completing the BMP for attached property. This will cost 35k to 40k.
    • Pool and Tennis Complex. Our priority has been the “South Recreation Area”. We recognize work needs to be done in the pool/tennis area and we will turn our attention to it,
    • Pier Boat. Current boat is tired and old. We will be replacing with a new boat that will be paid for from the income from the summer weddings at Dollar House.
    • ARC. We have streamlined the process to make it easier for Homeowners as well as contractors.
    • Freeze Alarms. We will be removing the old Freeze Alarms and will be replaced by a temp stick run off WiFi. The Temp Stick broadcast to a main office.
    • Carport Units. The Water lines need to be fixed as currently share a meter valve. We are getting a civil engineer to look at the best plan. Water meter to valve is HOA responsibility. Valve to Unit is Homeowner responsibility.
    • WMC Management. We tried the General Manager model on 2 occasions— 1 retired, 1 resigned. We decided not to have a middleman and go directly to WMC. It’s working well and we’re committed to working out the kinks and streamline the process.

Overall we are in very good shape. There are no lawsuits at this time. We have money in the bank and we’re just awaiting the insurance quote in December. We have comparable HOA fees: we are either less or inline with properties on the lake and our buoy fee of $975 is among the lowest on the lake.

3. Homeowner Q&A.

  • There were several questions around:
    • Timing of deck staining and painting
    • Contact info for Aidan Miles
    • Freeze Alarm
    • Rodents on the property
    • Charter as a provider

All were addressed by Charles Quaglieri and Aidan Miles

4. Meeting Adjourned at 5:38 pm