March 19, 2016

Letter to Homeowners

from President, Tom Popek

Dear Chinquapin Homeowners:

I hope that the skiers in our community are enjoying the snow. We all want the storms to continue so that the lake will rise this summer.

Speaking of this summer, the buoy application and policy has been mailed to all homeowners. Take advantage of early application to obtain the lowest rental rate for the summer. Please read the policy attached to the application to understand how the buoy assignments are made and the impact that larger boats have on those assignments.

Affected homeowners have received an email of the painting and staining schedule for this spring and summer. We will try to work around your residence at Chinquapin during your prescheduled painting time. Please contact Bob Duffield, CHOA General Manager at 530-400-3676, if you have conflict issues.

During June the Dollar House patio is being replaced. Access will be very limited and no events will be booked for the month of June.

As we ease from winter to spring and summer, it becomes “Bear Time.” Having had very little bear activity at Chinquapin last summer does not guarantee that the bears will not be active this year. Be “Bear Alert” by properly locking garbage bins, not leaving food in cars, and closing lower level windows from which food aromas may waft.

Since we have had heavy snowfall and rains this winter, it is a good time to remember to check that your homeowner insurance (an HO6 policy) covers the gap caused by the $50,000 deductible for water damage by the master Property Insurance Policy carried by CHOA. Details about our master policy and your need to cover deductible differences are contained in the Annual Insurance Disclosure letter attached to the financial forecast issued by CHOA in November 2015 and available on the financial documents section of the CHOA website.

As always we are encouraging homeowners to contribute to our community’s governance by joining the Chinquapin Board of Directors or one of the very active committees that help us make Chinquapin an enjoyable place to live. We currently expect to have one opening for a two year term for the Board of Directors and need homeowners to help on the Recreation and Insurance Committees. If you particularly have insurance industry experience, we would like to talk to you.

A long standing “issue” for Chinquapin has been the Dollar Estate and its many buildings. We currently make great use of the Carriage House for the General Manager’s and CHOA Board member offices and a work shop for WMC. A small building near the pier has been made into the Beach Bathrooms. The main Dollar House building with its patio and pier is used for receptions, parties, weddings, etc. That leaves one small building, dubbed “the honeymoon cottage,” and two larger “sleeping buildings” at the end of the driveway which are boarded up, not used, and falling apart. The CHOA Board of Directors has set a goal: To determine what to do with these buildings by September 2016. This determination will require many things, some of which are: the collection of financial information regarding maintenance costs, renovation, reconstruction, parking, winter access, sale, or demolition. It will also require homeowner input regarding potential use of these buildings and the value ascribed to that use.

In short, it is a big research project to enable us to reach a studied and valued decision for the balance of these buildings, which today are only costing money. Therefore, I am soliciting homeowners who want to contribute to this study so that we can make an informed decision. Please contact me at [email protected] with your interest.

Yours truly,

Tom Popek
President, CHOA Board of Directors