June 2016

Letter to Homeowners

from President, Tom Popek

Dear Chinquapin Homeowners:

As Spring (always a pretty time at Lake Tahoe) gives way to Summer, a lot is happening at Chinquapin. The annual painting program has started but has been delayed by late season snow and rain. Those units that are still scheduled to be painted will be receiving a new schedule shortly from WMC.

Flowers will be planted soon, due to a generous donation from Al Modena of Unit 61. Thank you Al from all homeowners.

Repairs to the roadways have started and will continue for the next month. Please pay attention to email or signage alerts when your parking area will be sealed, crack filled, or striped.

And of course, with summer comes the annual visit from the Bear Family. A juvenile male bear has been observed in the last few weeks, opening unlocked cars looking for food. Please remove all food from cars, lock the cars, and close and lock trash containers (Bear Bins). BE BEAR AWARE –report bear activity to Bob Duffield, Chinquapin General Manager at 530-400-3676 or WMC at 530-583-2713.

As more people use the beaches on the property, please do not leave kayaks on the beaches. They are a safety hazard for the bathers and will be removed.

Again we ask that dog owners be responsible homeowners and keep their dogs on leashes, pick up after them (doggie mitts are available around Chinquapin), and reduce barking.

In order that homeowners receive important and timely communication, please update any changes to your email address both with WMC and the “members only” contact section of the www.chinquapinhoa.com website (contact the webmaster on our website).

Our current webmaster is retiring from the webhosting business by next year and we are looking for a new webmaster and hosting service. We also plan to overhaul the website starting with content updates and changes. Any suggestions should be addressed to Bob Duffield or me.

An email has been sent to all homeowners requesting those interested in joining the Chinquapin Board of Directors to contact Penny Bauche, who is the head of the nominating committee at [email protected]. There are three openings for a two year term, with two incumbents currently nominated. We look forward to your interest.

Every year CHOA hosts a Fourth of July party consisting of a parade, games, crafts, and barbeque. It has been very successful and is attended by 400 to 450 people. The chairperson of this event is retiring. We need a new chairperson who will work with the current chairperson this year (to absorb the experience) and be the leader for the 2017 party. Please contact Penny Bauche at the email address above.

Unfortunately, there was a fire in one of the homes at Chinquapin that appeared to have been started by an electrical short or wire overheating in or near a subpanel electrical box in the unit. We are still waiting for confirmation of the cause. Fortunately, smoke was noticed by another resident, resulting in a quick response by the fire department. Damage was restricted to that home with incidental smoke damage in the adjacent unit. We will have more details in the near future with any recommended actions for homeowners. At the same time, a CHOA committee is working on a fire safety plan and property evacuation plan in case of a major fire.

The Dollar House patio has been replaced, with only the railing on the steps still to be done. The result is beautiful. At the same time the Dollar Pier has been renovated and is looking great. The Dollar Estate Planning committee of seven homeowners, chaired by Landra Miles of Unit 130, has started its work with its first milestone – a status report to the CHOA Board meeting on July 23, 2016. During the next few months, it is expected that the committee will engage with other homeowners, soliciting their ideas for the remaining three unused Dollar Estate buildings.

With good snow this winter, the water level of Lake Tahoe has risen considerably. Homeowners have begun putting their boats in the water. Please remember, that if you are replacing your current boat with a larger boat, the spacing of the buoys will only handle up to a certain length boat depending upon the location within the buoy field. The current buoy field rules state that the total length of the boat including swim platform or extension is limited to 27 feet and each boat must be evaluated to ensure it will fit on its current buoy while also considering the impact of other boats in proximity. If there is a fit problem, the boat may have to be moved to another available buoy. Please contact WMC at 530-583-2713 if you have questions.

I hope you all have a fun filled summer at Chinquapin.

Yours truly,

Tom Popek
President, CHOA Board of Directors