September 2016

Letter to Homeowners

from President, Tom Popek

Dear Chinquapin Homeowners:

The weather is getting cooler at Lake Tahoe and it is time to start thinking about snow. I hope that everyone had a good summer at Chinquapin. For the next few months, we will continue our painting and staining until the weather says, “Stop.” Affected homeowners will have been notified by WMC of the schedule.

Thank you to all the homeowners who voted in the general election. Anthony Miles and Charles Quaglieri were reelected to the CHOA Board of Directors and Carl Bertelsen was elected to fill the position of Penny Bauche, who has retired from the Board. We will all miss the calming influence of Penny on the Board as she helped us with many key discussions and decisions throughout her six year tenure. Her role as the leader of the Fourth of July Party Activities needs to be filled and we are looking for volunteers.

After the general election, Board officers for the next year were filled. I will continue as President, Charles Quaglieri and Steve Giacomi will continue as Vice President and Treasurer respectively, and Carl Bertelsen was elected Secretary.

It is important for the Board to receive feedback from homeowners, and one venue is the general election. Unfortunately 6 % of the ballots in this last election were disqualified for not following the voting instructions about ballot signatures and number of board members to be elected. This was enough votes to have potentially changed the outcome. Please follow the instructions.

WMC advises us that boats and their mooring lines need to be removed from their buoys by October 1. Also boats on the shore also need to be removed by October 15. WMC can assist in this process for a fee. Please contact them.

With a community of many units in close proximity to each other, it is necessary to have some rules and guidelines for peace, harmony, and safety. I believe that all the homeowners understand this, but as many homeowners choose to rent their units, we have found that the renters do not always understand this need or follow the rules. For example, this summer, we had bikes on the beach path, unsupervised, little children in the pool and sauna, children in the pool after 8pm and dogs off leash. Please communicate our rules to your renters. Thank you.

As the summer draws to a close and we begin to prepare for winter, I want to recognize the work of our General Manager, Bob Duffield, who manages the 25-30 different contractors who help to make Chinquapin a beautiful place to own another home. In particular, we have all seen the tireless work of Aidan Miles and his WMC staff who make Chinquapin look so wonderful.

Yours truly,

Tom Popek
President, CHOA Board of Directors