2022 Board Meeting Dates and CHOA Committees

Dear Chinquapin Homeowner,
Happy New Year from Chinquapin! We received a TON of snow over the holidays and everyone who was up here had a wonderful time getting snowed in! We would like to thank everyone for following the CHOA rules during this time, particularly the dog leash rule – we seem to be having fewer instances of dogs off leash, so THANK YOU to all of our dog owners!
CHOA Board Meeting Dates 2022
January 22
March 12
May 28
July 16
September 3 - Annual Meeting
CHOA Committees
Annie Mitchell - Chair
Anthony Miles
Bruce Bayne
Terry Sarvas
Anthony Miles
Chuck Lanham
Architectural Review:
Haley Packard - Chair
Terry Sarvas
Carl Bertelsen
Dana Stalder
Alan Vidinsky
Ralph Coppola
Scott Ryan - Architect Consultant
Terry Sarvas - Chair
Carl Bertelsen
Haley Packard
Ralph Coppola
Jeff Giacomi
Carl Bertelsen - Chair
Terry Sarvas
Jeff Giacomi
Chuck Lanham - Chair
Peter Blatman
Bob Eberhart
Anthony Miles
Dollar House
Terry Sarvas
Carl Bertelson
Annie Mitchell
Kathy Payne
Linda Giacomi