11/07/2020 - Board Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 9:30 AM

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City CA 96145



Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, November 7, 2020, 9:30 AM

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City CA 96145


Directors Present:

Steve Giacomi, President

Terry Sarvas, Vice President

Annie Mitchell, Treasurer

Chuck Lanham, Secretary

Anthony Miles

Carl Bertelsen

Haley Packard


Staff Present:

Aidan Miles


Homeowners Present (by phone):

Robin Kelly #162

David Nemeth #78



9:30 - Call to Order and Welcoming Remarks


Approval of the meeting minutes of the 9/5/2020 Board Meeting, 9/5/2020 Executive Session and the 10/24/2020 Emergency Board Meeting.

Motion to approve the meeting minutes passed unanimously


Open Session  -  Homeowners

No comments


President’s Report  -  Steve Giacomi

Very busy spring and summer due to covid.  Generally all complied with covid protocols.  Higher occupancy did slow down some maintenance items.  Still working on SWOT(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis to develop strategic planning.




Committee and Staff Reports


            Architectural Review Committee  -  Haley Packard

                        No new ARC submittals.  The following fast track requests were approved.

Unit 102 New Sliding Glass Door

Unit 7 Four Skylight Replacements

Unit 59 Screen Door

No homeowners relations items to update, the President’s Letter will

highlight some of the historical aspects of the property.


            Buildings Committee  - Carl Bertelsen

                        New, fully staffed Building Committee completed a walk through of the                              property.

Prosser Building and Development Inc (Peter Beaupre) is being

researched as a vendor that can expedite multiple unit projects such as

deck replacements.

Unit 103 has singles missing and one that is perforated.

Units 38 & 39 had front posts that had severe dry rot, these have been


Cottage #1 has had bear activity, some of the structure has dry rot and will

need to be repaired.

Unit #119 has a tree impacting on the roof beams, will notify the

home owner prior to correcting.

Noted various deck rail issues, will develop options for homeowners to                 choose from.

Noted a number of chimney flues that need to be painted, since this is not            in the scope of the chimney inspection will place it in the painting schedule.


Grounds Committee  -  Terry Sarvas

            Sewer Project - Tim Ferrel, the project engineer has it out to bid with a

May 1 start date, will request Ferrel to provide a defined scope of work for

the bidding and have him attend the January Board meeting to clarify.

Should be approximately 4 days the 20 units cannot be occupied so will

need to notify owners and the rental office as soon as possible.

BMP Project - BMP project was not completed in the fall, will probably

select a new contractor.  Requested a delay from TRPA to complete by

next summer.

Brush/Trees - Brush by the creek, beach path and the nature path has

been worked, will continue brush removal property wide until weather

forces a stop.  Tree removal contractor is scheduled to start on the first

proposal, waiting for TRPA to mark additional tree clusters by Units 13

and 16, those will have a separate bid but can be done at the same time.

Fall Lawn Prep - Aeration and fall lawn fertilizing is complete.  Unit #12

lawn damage will be filled in and will be resodded in the spring.  Sand

addition to the volleyball court is complete, may need to add more.

Dollar House Roundabout - May need to engage a traffic engineer to

analyse options to provide the necessary fire department required

clearances at the roundabout without negatively impacting the Dollar


Beach Path - Erosion control work continues, first round of material and

labor is complete, will measure and order materials for the next round.

This will be a long term, continued maintenance item.

Nature Path - Brush has been cleared, will need steps at the U-Turn


Front Entrance Gate - Gate repair is complete.

Side Walks - Great progress on various sidewalk asphalt repairs.

Fire Dept Inspections - Fire Dept is no longer requiring CHOA to

assume compliance responsibility within the individually owned units.

Beaches - Will work on adding sand to both beaches.

Unit #30 - Owners requested a meeting regarding decreased privacy from

brush and tree removal.  Will need to replant bushes in the spring.  Tree

removal was previously done 15-20 years ago for fire protection, can

revisit the tree question in the spring after the Unit #29 remodel is

complete.  ARC will change procedure to expand notifications

to owners in adjacent buildings.


Insurance Committee  -  Anthony Miles

            December 15th Renewal - Brokers continue to work on the last layers

for the property coverage, should be complete shortly.  Full premium is

due on the policy at the time it is bound, a portion of the premium will  be

financed to match the cash flow from quarterly dues.

Motion to finance the premium at best possible terms was passed


            CC&R Change -  Discussed possible changes to the CC&R’s to have unit

owners responsible for the insurance coverage for the interior of each unit.

Board will decide whether to proceed with this effort next year.




Pool, Racquet Sports & Bocce Committee  -  Chuck Lanham

Pool and pool furniture have been secured for the winter.  Tennis courts

have been secured.  Tennis office interior will be refreshed as a winter


Courts 1-3 Resurfacing - resurfacing project has been delayed to Spring.

WMC will secure start dates with the resurfacing contractors as soon as


Fence Repair - Fencing around the pool and playground will be

scheduled for repair and painting.  WMC will investigate having the top  fence rails covered with flashing.

Playground  -  A new swing seat is being procured, additional ground

chips will be added in spring.

Spa Project - Board will investigate adding a spa between the Tennis

Office and Court 6, if feasible this would be a volunteer funding effort.


Treasurer’s Report  -  Annie Mitchell

As of Sept 30, 2020, we have $880,982 cash in the Operating Fund but $350K will be going into the Reserve Fund to pay back our loan for insurance (due by Dec 15).  We will then have $1,206,166 in the Reserve Fund.  We are within budget except for insurance.


Delinquencies.  We currently have 11 units at $29k.



Approve Financial Statements since last meeting.

Motion to Approve the Financial Statements was passed unanimously.


The Association’s replacement reserves are currently less than 25% funded.  The Association’s goal is to increase the funding of replacement reserves over time from regular quarterly assessments rather than from special assessments.  After review of our 2020 estimated actual results, it appears that there will be an estimated surplus for 2020 of $125,000 after making the 2020 budgeted allocation of dues to the replacement reserve fund.


Motion to amend the 2020 budget by increasing the dues allocated to the replacement fund by $125,000.  The amended 2020 budget will be included in the mailing of the 2021 budget package.  The board instructs the treasurer to make the cash transfer prior to December 31, 2020.

Motion to Approve the Transfer was passed unanimously.


General Manager & WMC Reports  -  Aidan Miles

Pool - Pool & Tennis Courts have been winterized, pool safety cover has been installed.  Will be dumping about ⅓ of the pool water in the spring due to cyanuric acid buildup.

Lawns - Fertilizer application is complete.  PUD will be turning off the sprinkler meters.

Units - Will be doing furnace filter replacements and temp stick checks.  Repete roof blowing complete after recent wind event, heat tapes plugged in.  Supplemental chimney inspections complete, notices will go out to owners as needed.

Dollar House - Winterizing complete.

Grounds - May hire additional temporary help to remove additional brush & saplings, weather permitting.  Snow stakes complete.  Additional $24k in tree removal work has been scheduled.

Charter - Have been working sporadically on the property


Budget Review


Reviewed the 2021 budget


Motion to approve the budget as presented passed unanimously.


Motion to approve a 20% increase in dues and set the quarterly assessment at $3750 passed unanimously.


Adjournment  -  President Giacomi adjourned the meeting at 12:50