03/23/2019 Board Minutes

Minutes of the Meeting

March 23, 2019
Carriage House, Chinquapin
3600 North Lake Blvd
Tahoe City, CA  96145

Directors Present
Charles Quaglieri, President
Terry Sarvas, Vice President
Carl Bertelsen
Clint Harless
Anthony Miles

Steve Giacomi, Treasurer
Annie Mitchell Architectural Review Committee

Homeowner’s teleconference
Colleen Crowly #61
Dave Nemeth #78

Staff Present
Aidan Miles, General Manager, WMC

Homeowner’s Present
Dr. Robin Kelly     #162
Robert Eberhardt  #18


Open Session
No Comments


President’s Report

The 401k that was opened on behalf of Brad Kohler now needs to be closed to avoid unnecessary fees and filings with the IRS.  The Board has been advised that Form 5500 must be filed and President Quaglieri will check with McClintock

Motion passed to close the 401K

General Manager Change over seems to be going well. Aiden Miles has thus far has met our expectations.

Dog Issues  - Dr. Kelly made a presentation to the Board alerting them that some homeowner’s continue to let their dogs running  off lease.  She has more than once been rushed by these dogs and is concerned that there could be a serious issue if the Board does not enforce what is in the CC & R’s


For reference purposes the CC & R’s pertaining to pets is stated below.

Section 7.06. Household Pets. No animal of any kind shall be raised, bred, kept, used for commercial purposes, or allowed to pass over or upon any Lot within Chinquapin except as hereinafter set forth:

(a) Owners in residence may keep household pets (household variety birds, cats or dogs) when accompanied by the Owner. The Owner, or owners collectively, of each Residence Lot shall not keep or maintain more than two (2) pets within Chinquapin.

(b) At all times when outside Residence Lots, dog(s) must be on a leash, one end of which must be attached to an Owner and the other to a dog(s); dogs must always be under the Owner’s control and not disturbing others.

(c) Owners shall be responsible for the prompt pick-up and disposal of, in a sanitary manner, solid pet wastes left by their pets within Chinquapin.

(d) No guests, tenants, invitees, employees, independent contractors, vendors, renters or others shall bring pets to or within Chinquapin.

(e) No dog may be tethered or left on any porch, patio or deck or contiguous lawn area unless the Owner is present and capable of controlling the pet.

(f) Cats must be kept within the Residence Lot unless they are on a leash.

(g) Each person bringing or keeping a pet on the Properties shall be solely responsible for the conduct of the owner's pets. The Association, its Board, officers, employees and agents shall have no liability (whether by virtue of this Declaration or otherwise) to any Owners, their family members, guests, invitees, tenants and contract purchasers for any damage or injury to persons or property caused by any pet.

(h) The Board of Directors shall have the right to establish and enforce additional rules and regulations imposing additional standards for the reasonable control and keeping of household pets in, upon and around the Properties to ensure that the same do not interfere with the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the Properties by the other Owners and residents.


The Board is extremely concerned about the situation and has on many previous occasions had discussions at Board meetings as well as the Annual Meeting of Homeowner’s. However, it was the overall consensus that it is not the Board’s nor homeowner’s responsibility to be the “police of Chinquapin” but all homeowner’s should abide by the CC& R’s regarding their pets and not think that they are the exception to the rule.


Dave Nemeth agreed to research State and County laws but the general consensus of the Board was the CC & R’s would prevail.


Treasure’s Report

Over budget on snow removal but can be covered by contingency fund.

Currently $759,000 in reserves.

All members are current.

Mr Giacomi announced that we are about ready to accept quarterly dues electronically.

The financial report for 2018 will be available on the Website sometime after the end of April.

The Board is complying with the newly enacted AB2912 which requires 25% of the operating fund to be placed into the replacement fund on a quarterly basis.

Mr. Giacomi also asked for a motion to correct a motion from a previous meeting to change to the following:

“The Chinquapin HOA amend the 2018 budget to increase the allocation from the Operating Fund to the Replacement Fund by $100,000. to $557,500.”

The motion was seconded by Mr.Sarvas and passed unanimously.


Architectural Review

No submittals at this time.

ARC is still looking into a solution to the entry roof Scott Ryan, architect and Adian Miles will be walking the property this week.  Scott Ryan will be making a proposal that will be submitted to ARC.

The ARC is still working on a proposed revision of the fee structure with the minimum entry fee being $100.00 as well as a simplification of the submittal process.


Grounds Committee

Snow removal - over-budget as a result of February snowfall.   There was discussion on how to proceed next year with the present equipment being used.  The loader as used in previous years does a better and faster job than the blower but does more damage that is evident during the spring cleanup.  ie lawn areas and sprinklers.

The Board also discussed that the Grounds Committee (spring & summer) priorities will be continuing with the forest fire safety project with additional tree and limb removal, dead wood/fuel removal and brush clearing.  Additional, the Grounds Committee will supervise the repair and maintenance of the asphalt roads, walkways and beach path

Drainage issues will be addressed as the snow melts this spring.


Building Committee

Mr. Bertelsen submitted a deck repair report of each unit within the Chinquapin complex.

Summer painting to remain on schedule as previously announced.  The effected homeowner’s will be notified by e-mail and by US Mail.

There was a discussion about the snow removal of the decks.  The CC & R’s state that this is the responsibility of the individual homeowners, however the Board is cognizant of the fact that many owners do not utilize their units in the winter or during fowl weather.  The issue becomes the weight of the snow and the damage to the decks resulting from the snow load.  No resolution at this time.


Insurance Committee

No update


General Manager’s /WMC Report

The freeze alarms will be changed over to a system requiring Wi.Fi. Those homeowner’s not on WiFi or have access to WiFi will remain on the old system.

The other items on Mr. Miles report were previously covered.



President Quaglieri thanked the Board for their support and hard work during the first half of their elected year.

Motion to adjourn at 11:35 am


Clint Harless