June 5, 2019

June 5, 2019


I have held off writing a spring letter waiting for spring to actually arrive. It may have done so this week.

The wet weather has slowed down our painting. Other than that, the usual flurry of activity is proceeding. For example, the new rowboat has been launched. The pool is being fired up. Chimneys have been inspected. Deck work is ongoing. Carpenter ant spraying is done.

The property seems to have weathered the winter better than the heavy winter of two years ago.

Our new general manager appears to have a good handle on our large and complex property. The board will review his status at the end of the agreed upon six month trial period.

Looming on the horizon are two serious matters that I would like to call to your attention.

The first is insurance. As you know we were slammed with a large increase in our premium this year due to California’s fire disasters. We were able to cover that cost this year but next year a dues increase or assessment will be necessary. Please be forewarned.

The second issue is our leases with California State Lands for the piers and buoys are due for renewal in the near future. As you can imagine, lease fees will go up not down. Complicating the situation is that the TRPA is requiring all of the BMP work (BMP is an acronym for Best Management Practices and refers to drainage work to preserve lake clarity) be completed on the particular parcel attached to the piers and buoys prior to lease renewal. Normally we stage this work out but the new requirement means all the excavating work must be done this year. The end result of all of this will be higher user fees for the buoys. Again, be forewarned.

These two issues obviously emanate from outside forces and are either non-negotiable (State fees) or in the case of insurance impossible to effectively shop for due to insurers fleeing the state.

Finally, I must appeal to your sense of courtesy and respect for our neighbors and ask that you obey Placer County and Chinquapin rules re leashing and picking up after your dogs and your guests’ dogs. Due to several recent incidents on the property we will be proactive in enforcing these rules. Our exposure to liability as the result of an incident is real and sobering – especially in California. Please don’t be surprised to see Placer County animal control on the property. Thank you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. I certainly will.

Charles Quaglieri, CHOA Board.