07/15/2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, July 15, 2023, 2023, 9:30AM

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd - Tahoe City, CA 96145


Directors Present

Steve Giacomi, President

Terry Sarvas, Vice President

Chuck Lanham, Treasurer

Annie Mitchell, Secretary

Haley Packard

Carl Bertelsen

Bruce Bayne


Staff Present

Mitch Packard

Aidan Miles


Homeowners Present and on Zoom


Alan Vidinsky #108
Bill Kartozian #27
Barbara Becich #98
Lisa Kelly #33
Jill and George Pelton #103
Robin Kelly #162
Christopher Szatkowski #165

Colene Crowley #61
Peter Blatman #166
Sandra Carter #150
Mark Miller #172
Patti Tilton #152
Mollie Thompson #97
Maureen Tappen #92
Sandra Bunting #151
Jack Donovan #124
Jenny Green #167
Chris Wedekind #51
Tom Kasten #4

Judy Frederiksen #62

  1. President Giacomi called the meeting to order at 9:30 am
  2. Open Session
  • Christopher Szatkowski brought up concern about insurance and the spa project.  We should be more concerned about buildings, as insurance will be skyrocketing.

III. Presidents Report

Motion to approve the minutes of the 5/27/23 were approved unanimously.

  1. Committee and Staff Reports
  • Treasurer’s Report - Chuck Lanham
    • As of July 2023, we have:
      • $609.673.83 cash in the Operating Fund at Plumas
      • $ 1.135M in the Reserve Fund ($1,025,870.97 at Schwab and $109,921.02k at Plumas Bank).
    • We are currently withing budget and operating under calendar cycle except for Snow Removal and Roofs/Sidings.
    • Delinquencies: 8 owners greater than 60-90 days.
    • Financial Statements for March, April and May were approved by the Financial Committee. Motion to approve passed unanimously. 


  • Insurance Committee –Chuck Lanham
    • We have 75M coverage at 1.6M. Renewal on Nov. 15
    • Chuck has explored nearby HOA insurance in the areas, and many have dropped to 50M coverage and cost averages around 1.5M
    • Market pressures: State Farm and All State have pulled back.
    • We are FireWise community which hopefully puts us in better place. We will be masticating 20 acres in the Fall if/when the grant money comes through.
    • 50K will be spent towards further defensible space around buildings. Terry Sarvas and Chuck Lanham will walk property to look at best approach.
    • Dead trees at entrance of Chinquapin. While on our land, Cal Trans has control of trees in that space as it’s 60 feet from road.  Cal Trans will be removing trees at their cost.


  • Architectural Review/Homeowner Relations - Haley Packard
    • Unit #190 would like to install AC. Conditional approval if it is not seen and/or heard by surrounding neighbors. Motion to approve passed unanimously. 
    • ARC will be working with sound specialists to determine decibel levels as we predict there will be more AC requests.


  • Homeowner Relations - Haley Packard
    • 4th of July
      • Very successful with BYOB and Evite
      • Estimated 450 people.
      • Cost to HOA was $1500.
      • Security Guard turned away 9 cars.
    • Positive feedback on Dollar House. Many weddings and celebrations. Projected increase in revenue this year.
    • Redoing the Reservation form to update pricing and clarity.



  • Building Committee and Special Projects– Carl Bertelsen
    • Wrapping up repairs on units that were damaged.
    • Winter took severe toll on paint surfaces on roof beams.
    • Roof and deck inspections will occur this fall which includes heat tapes. Upgrading some commercial heat tapes.
    • Beach Path has exposed surface on #51 which is an ongoing TRPA issue. They will paint over for aesthetic purposes.  It is approved by ARC, but still waiting for TRPA.
    • We’ve come up with alternative decking material. TimberTec: Synthetic wood, fireproof and don’t have to stain. Will do sample test on office deck to see if its slick in winter and gets too hot in summer.
    • Spectrum Issue yesterday in one bedroom and 3-bedroom units. Spectrum came out and fixed the issue.
    • Spa Project: a letter will go out for solicitation.
    • Rails of 72—92 are getting painted this fall.
    • Working on paint schedule: Buildings every 6 years/Decks every 3 years.
    • Bench in front of 14, Entryway 161, 162,147 and 148. Decks on 124 and 125, retaining wall by Court 1. Redid fence by playground.


  • Grounds Committee- Terry Sarvas
    • Streetlights with timer: still on during the day.  WMC to fix.
    • Trail has been cleared. Beach path: needs to be walked weekly by WMC and remove debris.
    • Kayaks rack installed and stair path installed. Need to install wood chips.
    • No dogs allowed on beaches. Sign needed asap.
    • Flowers look good. Make sure we have proper drainage.
    • Vole problem and makes lawn very unsteady.
    • Put fan in the dollar house near ice machine.
    • 6 buoy blocks need to be repaired.
    • Pier repairs are in progress.
    • New Dollar House bear bin will arrive shortly.
    • Volleyball courts got new sand, but we could use more.
    • Grass between 94-98 is uneven. WMC to explore options.
    • Paving and sealing will return on September. Need to repaint speed bumps.
    • Firewood tarps are going to be required for all units that still have wood.
    • Dog Park discussion. Committee met and evaluated the property, and it was determined that there is not a place on the property to have a dog park and it is a safety issue as well.




  • Pool and Tennis Committee—Annie Mitchell
    • Will have adequate staffing for summer.
    • Shuffleboard and scoreboard for Bocce ordered.
    • Court Washing: Wed and Thursday. Confirmed by Aidan
    • Bathrooms: clean and curtains are up
    • WMC to Power wash the area outside of the clubhouse and stain deck.
    • WMC to check out gate between pool and playground and fix and lock.
    • Remove umbrella from bocce courts if it cannot be repaired.
    • Put temporary Pickleball on courts 4. And for next year resurface discuss resurfacing 4 and 5 for Pickleball.
    • Look at updating reservation system.
    • Replaced bottom grate on pool (Required every 7 years)


  1. General Manager & WMC Reports – Mitch Packard/Aidan Miles
  • Spring cleanup: Took 10 loads this year.
  • Painting for Fall: Units 121-135 and 72-95.
  1. Adjournment-   President Giacomi adjourned the meeting 11:58AM