July 24th, 2019

President's Letter

July 24th, 2019


The summer season is in full swing. The Fourth of July festivities were a great success. The various recreational facilities appear to be busy. There are several weddings and other gatherings occurring.

Aidan Miles, the general manager, has moved the WMC offices to the Carriage house. It is staffed and open to your inquiries and needs. I recommend contacting the office staff directly in person, by phone or email for information or inquiries re maintenance issues.

You may have noticed bare spots in the lawns. We believe this is snow mold which is a sod killing fungus that appears when snow lingers on the ground into spring. The covered wet ground and warmer air temperatures allow the fungus to appear with the resultant damage to the grass. We all know these conditions occurred this spring. The good news is that some significant recovery is already in progress.

We are doing our best to help it along. We are in the throes of dealing with the failure of two of our sewer pumps. They were clogged with "wipes". Please do not flush these items even if the package says they are flushable. Please dispose of them in the trash and not the toilet. They wreak havoc with our mechanical systems. It will cost 10+K to replace the pumps - an unanticipated and avoidable expense.

Our election of four board members is in progress. You should have already received your ballot. Please vote and don't forget to sign the outside envelope. To have a valid election we need a quorum.

Meanwhile, we remain fiscally sound. There are no lawsuits. Going forward we are planning a freshening of the tennis complex and replacing the pier boat with a more modern and user-friendly version. Enjoy the summer and I look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting on August 31.

Charles Quaglieri, President.