08/30/2019 Board Minutes

Chinquapin Meeting Minutes


Board Members Present:
Charles Quaglieri, Anne Mitchell, Terry Sarvas, Steve Giacomi, Clint Harless, Anthony Miles, Carl Bertelsen

Guests Present:
Aidan Miles (WMC Inc.), Michael Robertson (77), John Wilkinson (13), Dave Nemeth (78), Robert Eberhardt (189), Lawrence Duncan (83), Hayley Packard (82), Colene Crowley (61)

Meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM.

Homeowner open session:

Lawrence Duncan (83) asked to be put on the list to receive correspondence via hard copy rather than via email. He mentioned speeding issues on the property and wondered if more speed bumps could be installed to alleviate some of these issues. He noted that there seemed to be less wildlife and birds on the property and questioned what WMC uses for rodent killer and fertilizer. Aidan Miles noted that WMC does not poison rodents outside of units in the common area, and that the fertilizer used and the timing of its use comply with TRPA rules. Lawrence commented that the attempt to improve the bear box handles is difficult for many people to use and that the bear has figured out how to get in the bins. Charles Quaglieri noted that this is an ongoing issue, and that bins not being locked is really a human issue rather than a bear issue. Lawrence noted that he keeps running into people with dogs off leash and has been met with unpleasant responses from dog owners. Charles noted that this is a major problem, though better this year, and short of hiring a dog catcher there is little that can be done other than continuing to ask people to leash their dogs. Lawrence agreed and noted that he just doesn’t want to see anyone get hurt by dogs. No other homeowners had comments to make.

Approval of the July 20th Board Meeting Minutes. Annie Mitchell moved to approve the minutes, Terry Sarvas seconded. Motion passed.


President’s report: Charles Quaglieri notified the Board of the election results. All incumbent Board Members who chose to run again were reelected. Clint Harless chose not to run, and his seat was won by Haley Packard. Charles noted that we have been informed by our roofer that, due to his staff moving out of the area, he will not be able to complete the last roof in the Chinquapin Roofing Project this Fall. Charles asked WMC if they can see if another company has the time and the manpower to get the roofing done before the winter.


Treasurer’s Report: Steve Giacomi noted that the Association is operating within it’s budget with the exceptions of Snow Removal and Insurance. He projected that the Reserve Replacement Fund would round out the year with about $593,000. He also noted that the HOA had reinvested $511,000 of the Reserve account in Schwab at 2%. Steven noted that there were 78 owners delinquent int heir dues for a total of around $20,000, marginally higher than average. Steve reminded the Board of the upcoming budget process and the need for them to get draft numbers into the spreadsheet by October 1st, with the goal of having a draft budget out by October 8th.


Architectural Review Committee: Anne Mitchell reviewed the prior day’s ARC meeting with the Board. She discussed the need to replace water lines in the carport units as a preventative maintenance measure, and the challenges associated with that. She informed the Board that WMC would be speaking with a Civil Engineer to try and come up with a plan for replacing the water lines under the concrete slab. Anne spoke about a possible railing design for future deck work utilizing vertical cedar slats. She noted that the HOA’s Architect would also be drawing up a design using mesh. Anne discussed the application by unit 29 to excavate their crawlspace for a basement addition, ahead of them applying for a remodel of the unit. She noted that the ARC had approved the project contingent on County Approval, the shoring up of the structure while the excavating was taking place, revegetation of any areas damaged during the project, repair to any asphalt damaged during the project, and the return of the crawlspace to original condition should the owner chose not to continue with the remodel or not gain approval for it. Charles Quaglieri made a motion to approve the project, and Carl Bertelsen seconded the motion. Motion passed.


Grounds Report: Terry Sarvas discussed upcoming Fall grounds projects, including brush and tree removal, the installation of BMP’s around the Dollar Estate property, cleanup and addition of a signpost for the nature trail, and the hauling away of old boats behind the Dollar House cottage. Terry asked WMC to map out tree work on a map labelling A-B-C priorities. Terry also asked about the status of improved lighting for the entry sign, as well as lighting for the Dollar House pier. Aidan informed him that both projects are in the works, with the sign lighting being completed in the next week and the pier lighting towards the end of the month.


Buildings Committee: Carl Bertelsen discussed ongoing deck repairs on the property that will continue through the Fall. He also spoke about the need to update the pool house interior. Planning will take place this Fall for a minor refresh of the pool house. Carl discussed the purchase of a new pier boat by the Association, which has been ordered and will be delivered in October, too late to use this year but ready for the 2020 season. Carl also brought up the issue of having a defibulator at the tennis or pool area following an incident on the tennis courts. The Board agreed that it was something worth looking into, but also possibly a liability at the same time. Charles stated he would ask Legal Council for advice regarding it.


Insurance Committee: Anthony Miles spoke about the struggle to get insurance for the HOA for 2019, that nobody wanted to bid on it and the HOA ended up paying more for less coverage. The Board had to go out to a second insurer to get additional coverage to cover the shortfall. He advised everyone that the same circumstances would likely happen again for the 2020 renewal, and that the Board and membership should be prepared for a major jump in cost, as last year’s shortfall was covered by the HOA’s rainy day fund.


General Manager’s Report: Aidan Miles - See attached.

Meeting was adjourned at 11.23PM