11/12/2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, November 12, 2022, 2019, 9:30AM

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd - Tahoe City, CA 96145


Directors Present

Steve Giacomi, President

Terry Sarvas, Vice President

Chuck Lanham, Treasurer

Annie Mitchell, Secretary via Zoom

Carl Bertelsen

Anthony Miles via phone


Directors Absent:

Haley Packard


Staff Present

Aidan Miles

Mitch Packard


Homeowners Present

Lisa Kelly #33





  1. President Giacomi called the meeting to order at 9:31am


  1. Open Session – no comments


III.     Motion to approve the minutes of the 9/5/22 will occur at the January meeting.


  1. President’s Report - Steve Giacomi
  • Dates for 2023 meetings are January 21, March 18, May 27, July 15, September 2
  • Requested All committee chairs to give Steve names on their respective committees
  • We are now FireWise!
  • Reserve Study is back and we’re currently reviewing



  1. Committee and Staff Reports
  • Treasurer’s Report - Chuck Lanham
    • As of November 9, 2022, we have $511,247.74 cash in the Operating Fund at Bank of West 1.09M in Reserve Fund. ($1,011,558.79 at Schwab and $78,215.06 at Plumas.)
    • We are currently within budget and operating under calendar cycle except for Fees & Licenses, Homeowners Relations, Pier Buoy & Beach, Pool & Tennis, Dollar House and Decking, Stairs & Walkways.
    • Delinquencies: 3 owners greater than 90 days and 3 partials 61 days or greater.
    • Financial Statements for August and September were approved by the Financial Committee. Motion to approve passed unanimously. 


  • Architectural Review - Haley Packard. No submissions
  • Insurance Committee – Anthony Miles
    • no claims at this time
    • still no insurance final number in, but we feel that it will only be slight increase. Would like to make a recommendation to do the insurance for 11 months so we have number in November vs December and can have accurate numbers for budgeting.
  • Building Committee and Special Projects– Carl Bertelsen
    • Fall painting and decks are completed except 117-120. That will be put off until next spring. Will be moving away from Chase painting and likely moving to Truckee Tahoe Painting—a larger company that could do the work more efficiently.
    • Unit 51 requests new deck to use Trex. Would eliminate staining and are fire resistant. Initial thoughts are favorable. Will go through ARC for approval. We will get cost comparisons and samples for next ARC meeting.
    • Improvements at Dollar House—Getting bids for redoing singular bathroom. Two large sofas5k a piece 2 big chairs, ottoman for 2K piece (6k for painting) 18K for furniture and 6K for painting.  Dollar House Committee will be instructed to move forward to make purchases by end of year.
    • Spa Project Update: Waiting TRPA for final word on the tree as that is the preferred spot for the spa. After, we will finalize location.  And then send formal letter to HOA solicitation donations
    • In January we will discuss what possibilities there are for them.
    • All boat Crafts need to be removed by Oct 15. And will be disposed. Recommending to not get blue tarps. Asking Mitch to come up with recommendation at January meeting for beach.


  • Grounds Committee- Terry Sarvas
    • Moving forward on safety and BMP work
    • 2/3 of the work is done in rehab seawall protecting DH and pier
    • Tree work was completed behind units 175-190, 72-92, Dollar House and 16-20


  • Pool and Tennis Committee—Annie Mitchell
    • Tennis courts 1-3 are done
    • Shuffleboard Court— Aidan has been looking at shuffleboard. At Jan meeting will discuss the courts/activities on Court 6.


  1. Budget Review - Steve Giacomi  and Chuck Lanham


  • Budget Review
    • Reviewed the 2023 budget.
    • Motion to approve budget as presented passed unanimously.
    • Motion to approve to set assessment at $4290 a quarter passed which is approx. 6% increase. And this will allow us to contribute 250K to reserves next year.


VII.  General Manager & WMC Reports – Mitch Packard and Aidan Miles

  • Freeze Alarms. Liability concern that if something happens to the unit that WMC is not liable.  HOA will monitor as a convenience but the HOA is not responsible for any damage to the unit. Needs to communicate with Homeowners that this is a service being provided and not to remove temp stick.
  • Recreation areas have been winterized.
  • Fall Inspections ongoing
  • Snow removal has begun
  • Ice on paths—-WMC will be putting salt out




VIII.   Adjournment- President Giacomi adjourned the meeting at 12:43

  1. Executive Session—no executive session occurred