09/04/2022 Annual Meeting Minutes - Draft

CHOA Annual Meeting Minutes

September 3rd 2022, 4pm

Dollar House Patio


Director’s Present:

Steve Giacomi

Carl Bertelsen

Haley Packard


Staff Present:

Aidan Miles

Mitch Packard


President’s Report:

Steve Giacomi thanked all board members and committee members for their efforts this last year. He also thanked Mitch Packard and Aidan Miles for their support.


Motion was made and approved to approve Annual Meeting Minutes from 2021 by ballot.


Motion was made and approved to move excess funds from 2021 from the operating to the reserve account also by ballot.


President Giacomi reported that the following board members were elected for a two-year term after the vote counting meeting:

  • Carl Bertelsen
  • Chuck Lanham
  • Anthony Miles

The board officers for the upcoming year are:

  • President – Steve Giacomi
  • Vice President – Terry Sarvas
  • Treasurer – Chuck Lanham
  • Secretary – Anne Mitchell

The Board Committee chairs will be as follows:

  • Architectural Review – Haley Packard
  • Finance – Chuck Lanham
  • Grounds – Terry Sarvas
  • Buildings and Spa Project – Carl Bertelsen
  • Insurance – Anthony Miles
  • Pool, Tennis, & Bocce – Anne Mitchell


President Giacomi reported that the HOA completed the replacement of our largest sewer lift station this year at the cost of $200,000. He also reported that will spend $200,000 for fire prevention this year. This will include brush clearing and tree removal.


The HOA has already cleared excess brush and trees behind unit 1 – 20, and are currently working behind unit 72 – 92. Fire prevention work will continue behind units 175 – 190 over the next few weeks.


As a result of the HOA’s efforts in fire prevention, Chinquapin has been approved as a Fire Wise community. We plan on doing more work up on the hillside behind the units in the next few years.


Treasurer’s Report:

As of September 1, 2022 we had $271,965 in our operating account and $1,039,000 in our reserve account. We are within budget in all our accounts, and there is one owner that is delinquent in their dues.


Our replacement reserve study is in progress. Browning Reserve Group will have the report completed by early October, in time for the board to review for 2023 budgeting.


The HOA will hold a budget meeting in November to determine budgeting for projects to be completed next year. The largest unknown is the cost of insurance. Discussions have begun with our insurance brokers for next year’s policy.


Homeowner Q&A:


  • Ralph Coppola, Unit 110: Raised concerns regarding the installation of air conditioners. His concerns are centered around the visual and noise impact in Chinquapin.
  • Dave Nemeth, Unit 78: Brought up concerns around unauthorized persons using Chinquapin’s property and amenities.

President Giacomi said the HOA will consider increased security over the 4th of July in 2023.

  • George Pelton thanked the Board and Mitch Packard for their work and completing projects around Chinquapin.


Homeowner’s also commented on the following items:

  • Painting of stairways
  • Maintenance of glulam beams
  • Steps/path access to beach path


After discussion on each of these topics, Steve Giacomi said the board will take into account the homeowner’s concerns and will take steps to alleviate any issues.