09/02/2023 Annual Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Annual Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, Sept 2, 2023, 4pm

Dollar House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd - Tahoe City, CA 96145


President’s Report

  • Steve Giacomi called the meeting to order at 4:11 pm
  • Approval of minutes of the 2022 Homeowners Meeting. Motion to approve the minutes of the 2022 annual meeting were passed unanimously.
  • Approval to move excess funds to reserve at end of budget year. Motion to approve meeting were passed unanimously.
  • 2023 Board Election Results
    • Annie Mitchell, President
    • Carl Bertelsen, Vice President
    • Steve Giacomi, Treasurer
    • Cris Wedekind, Secretary
  • Committee Chairs
    • ARC, Haley Packard
    • Steve Giacomi, Finance
    • Grounds, Terry Sarvas
    • Buildings, Carl Bertleson
    • Cris Wedekind, Insurance
  • Treasurers Report
    • We are in good position. We had zero legal issues this year.
    • As of August 31, we have $352,456 in our operating account and $1,188,622 in our reserve account.
    • We have our reserve funds invested at about a 5% interest


Homeowner Discussion QA and Comments:


  • Thanking of the board. Property looks very good.
  • Spectrum: Should we appoint a single person to be the contact person for Spectrum?
    • Board will discuss.
  • What is the update on insurance?
    • Mitch spoke about the history of insurance. Mitch is speaking at length with our insurance adjustors.  We are looking at all options: lowering the coverage, increasing deductibles, etc.  We will know more middle of November.   We are a Fire Wise committee which hopefully will get us a discount.
  • Like the idea of increasing deductible and commends us on looking at all options.
  • Encourage us to look at options for insurance and asked us to share with the HOA as soon as we have information.
  • Where are we with the grant for the fire removal?
    • We feel very certain that we will get it in 2024. Terry Sarvas shared that we’re spending 160k taking out approximately 20-25 acres from office, up the hill and west side of entry road.   And the section around units 1-20.   We are spending about 50K on removal of dead trees.  This will take place last week of September and will last about 3 weeks.  In addition, Cal Trans is supposed to come and remove the trees near the entry road.
  • Can we put the Fire Wise certificate out to the HOA?
    • One homeowner had a discount on their HO6 because we are Fire Wise.
  • What area will be addressed by the grant?
    • Hillside between 3 story units up to Dollar Point.
  • Do we anticipate any capital expenditures in the coming years?
    • Shared that we are looking at different design of the bathroom/sauna and turning into spa. We will have to replace 2 more lift stations.
  • Where are we with the spa?
    • We currently have $140K pledged. Ideally a 300K figure for the spa.
  • Where are the financials?
    • We post them on the website and send them out in December.
  • Why is the tree in pool area is marked ‘blue’?
    • Infrastructure being ripped up the floor, and it’s a split tree.
  • Fire tarps: If you still have wood in your area, you are now required to cover wood.
  • Will we be resurfacing the Pickleball courts?
    • There are dips and need to be fixed. We believe it is in next years budget.
  • Suggestion for a HOA Listserv for items to get rid/sell/trade things.