September 1, 2018 - Annual Homeowners Meeting - Final/Approved Minutes of the Meeting

Chinquapin Annual Homeowners Meeting 

Final/Approved Minutes of the Meeting

Saturday, September 1, 2018
The Dollar House
3600 North Lake Blvd
Tahoe City, CA  96145

Directors Present
Charles Quaglieri, President
Terry Sarvas, Vice President
Steve Giacomi, Treasurer
Clint Harless
Carl Bertelsen
Anthony Miles

Directors Absent:
Annie Mitchell, Secretary

  1. Call to Order — President Quaglieri called the meeting to order at 1614
  2. President’s Report—Charles Quaglieri
    1. Approval of minutes of the 2018 Homeowners Meeting- Motion passed unanimously
    2. 2018 Election Results- At the annual election the current Board members were re-elected without opposition.
    3. Chinquapin has no lawsuits, and the reserve is very healthy.  From a macro standpoint the property looks great. There are 60 original decks that haven’t been touched and we are finding some rot. These decks are on a list to be inspected. Repairs can range from $2000.00 to $10,000. Decks will be prioritized by importance of repair. The roof project will be finished this fall. Giving them 25 years of life. We will be removing dead trees, which is an issue California has been seeing. Tree removal runs $1500.00 to $3000.00 each.  The piers are new and patios with lighting have been fixed. We added bocce ball & pickle ball courts on top of some tennis courts.
  3. Treasurers Report—Steve Giacomi
    1. In updating the year 2017 we finished within budget, and no audit needed. Tax returns are being filed and the association is debt free. With only one owner delinquent the association’s financials are very stable.  Reserve account has  $587,065.00. We opened an investment account at Charles Schwab, a 9-month CD, insured by FDIC for a better return. Anthony mentioned our insurance of $168 thousand could go up due to all of the fires. We are working with offering more was to make your dues payments and will be available soon. 
  4. Grounds Committee—Terry Sarvas
    1. Forest management is #1 on boards list. Managing tree removal, trimming and brush removal while still maintaining privacy and balance of the views. TRPA has loosened up on cutting down trees 42 trees marked now. Fire danger makes tree removal a safety issue. The beach path is in good shape, the trip hazards are gone. The roadways & walkways we are continuing the sealing of cracks and patching cracks. Entrance has been done each year, I’m recommending doing it every two years. Erosion control is BMP Best Management Practice which is on going. Both piers have been redone. Kayak racks are up and being used. Five dog bag dispensers are in place. The dumpster by Mitch’s office has been removed, now we are using a trailer to remove grass clippings.
  5. Buildings Committee —Carl Bertelsen
    1. The Decks & railing issue is being met we are aggressively inspect the 60 units we have identified. HOA dues not cheap but you get so many benefits.
    2. We all know Aiden Miles from WMC. And now introducing Brad Kohler as our new manager, replacing Bod Duffield.
  6. Homeowners Discussion
    1. Owner comments liking the bocce ball courts. Many owners concerned about a fire scare. Discussion issued on a special assessment to take care of cutting all the trees now rather than budgeting over the years.  Many concerns were voiced on the fire situation.
    2. Some owners bringing up the need for procedures in case of evacuation should a fire start. Some owners talked about rising Insurance rates and possible problems finding insurance.
  7. Adjournment 1720