January 23rd 2021 - Board Meeting Agenda


January 23, 2021 9:30 AM

The Board will meet at The Carriage House, Chinquapin, 3600 N Lake Blvd.

Due to Social Distancing Restrictions Owners May Join Via Teleconference

Please Dial 800-944-8766 Your Conference Code Number is 22678#



  1. Approval of the Minutes of the 11/07/2020 Board Meeting and the 11/07/2020 Executive Session.


  1. Homeowners Open Session


III.        President’s Report  -  Steve Giacomi

 IV. Committee and Staff Reports

  1.  Architectural Review Committee  -  Haley Packard
  2. Building Committee  -  Carl Bertelsen
  3. Pool, Racquet Sports and Bocce Committee  -  Chuck Lanham

V. Treasurer’s Report -  Annie Mitchell

  1. General Update

VI. Grounds Committee -  Terry Sarvas

  1. General Update on Projects
  2. BMP Work for Buoy Permits
  3. Sewer Project Engineer Report  -  Tim Ferrell


VII.      WMC Report  -  Aidan Miles


VIII.     General Manager Report  -  Mitch Packard


  1. Insurance Report -  Anthony Miles
  2. General Update
  3. Broker Report  -  Rich Votaw/Andy Sinclair