07/20/2019 Board Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowner’s Meeting

July 20th, 2019


Board Members:
Present: Charles Quagliari, Terry Sarvas, Carl Bertelsen, Steve Giacomi, Anne Mitchell.

Not Present: Anthony Miles, Clint Harless

Present: Dave Nemeth (Unit 78), Randi Sokolov and Jeff Brown (Unit 17), Aidan Miles (GM/WMC)

Via Phone: Kathy Payne (Unit 121)


Meeting was called to order at 9:30 AM

Homeowner open session:

Kathy Payne thanked the Board for their service. She stated she was particualry concerned about the state of the Tennis Facility, and was happy to see it was an agenda item for the meeting. She was also concerned about the drapes being left over in the Dollar House and possible sun damage to the furniture in the Living Room. She would like to some improvement in the tennis area, as well as a little more attention payed to the Dollar House.

Charles stated that everyone was in agreement that the Tennis Facility was tired and needed an upgrade. He pointed out that a lot of attention has been paid in recent years to the pier and Dollar House area, as well as the Pool Facility. He stated that there are a lot of little things that can be done to Tennis to improve the overall appeal, such as paint, handrails, and furniture. He noted we have a list of improvements and will be working on some of them this Fall. He also noted that the Tennis Facility has not been entirely forgotten these past few years, with the addition of Bocce courts and Pickleball. A discussion was had about the concrete wall on the lower courts which, while the exterior is sluffing off, is structurally sound. Suggestions were made (windscreen, paint) about how the appearance of the wall could be improved.

Randi and Jeff from Unit 17 introduced themselves as the new owners of 17, and had a few recreation suggestions such as a water trampoline, fitness center, and hot tub. The Board briefly touched on the history of people suggesting the addition of fitness and a hot tub, and why ultimately those ideas get put aside. On the subject of the Water Trampoline, the Board was open to adding that as an amenity and instructed Insurance and the GM to look into HOA related liabilities were one to be acquired.


Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the meeting of 5/25/2019 were approved with one change to be made. Annie made the motion to approve, Carl seconded. Motion passed.


President’s Report

Charles discussed  the installation of an electric car charging station, a suggestion that a few owners had raised. Charles wanted to get a sense of the rest of the Board’s feelings regarding installing one. The general consensus was that it eliminated another parking space for general use. Charles suggested it be a project by Packard Realty. Steve stated he would prefer it to be an HOA controlled item, as to avoid people running extension cords across common area to charge their vehicles. It was noted that owners of electric vehicles had hopefully considered their charging needs prior to purchase. A discussion of the nature of exclusivity ensued, with a point being made that the owners of non-electric cars do not have a fueling station on site. The item was tabled for later discussion should members reignite the issue.

Charles discussed the overall success of the July 4th festivities.

He gave a quick recap of the 2019 election timing and process, and that Ballots had already gone out to owners.

Charles initiated a brief discussion of adding a handicapped parking space at the pier at the behest of Director Harless who was not present. The general consensus was that it eliminated a common  space in an area that has a parking crunch, and with the number of owners with disabled placards it would likely be filled all the time and not actually make a difference for said owners.


Treasurer’s Report

Steve Giacomi reported that we are inline with the budget except in the areas of Snow Removal and Insurance. The Replacement Reserve account is currently at $826k, and therefor $505k was reinvested in CD’s at 2% with a 6 month maturity. Steve stated that the HOA would always be investing in short maturity items like this due to the necessary fluidity of the budget.

Steve noted that there were delinquencies of $8620, which was average for any given year.

Steve noted that the GM was working on setting up hosting the accounting backups on the CHOA server given changes in accounting rules for HOA’s in California (the accountancy can no longer host the data).

A date of November 9th was set for the 2020 Budget Meeting.


Architectural Review Committee

Annie Mitchell thanked the ARC members for the new fast-track process, which seems to be working efficiently.

Annie noted a lull in ARC applications.

She discussed the work being done with the HOA’s architect to design a new entry roof for certain buildings that lack any cover over their front doors.

She also discussed a meeting that the ARC had to discuss a way to do new deck railings keeping in synch with the recent deck expansions but possibly lowering the overall construction costs. CHOA’s architect and Brent Welling (Welling Construction) will be working together to lower some of the costs through more practical use of materials and design.

She discussed three projects that have been mentioned to the ARC but not submitted yet (minor work in 5 and 146, plus a full gut remodel with basement addition in 29), and that the ARC was waiting on submittals for these projects.


Grounds Committee

Terry Sarvas spoke about ongoing Grounds work, including completed asphalt maintenance, tree and brush removal, 10’ limbing around the property, the addition of lighting to the Dollar House pier, the upcoming BMP work on the Dollar Estate lot, and fire prevention thinning taking place this Fall.

Terry also briefly discussed the addition of some lighting to the stairs to the Dollar House lower patio, having seen some temporary lights set up by a wedding that added an inviting look.


Building Committee

Carl Bertelsen asked for an update on the Charter Cable upgrade project. Aidan Miles stated that more work will continue this Fall, but that Charter has a new subcontractor and new supervisor, so it has been hard getting a timeline commitment from them.

Carl proposed to the Board that the HOA purchase a new pier boat, as the current pier boat has reached the end of it’s admirably long service life. The Board unanimously agreed, and said boat will be leased to and insured by WMC. Carl will get back to the Board with pricing and timing of the new boat.


Insurance Committee

Nothing to report. Chair absent.


GM/WMC Report

Aidan Miles presented a report, attached to the end of this document. Most items in the report had been covered already by individual committee reports.


Meeting adjourned at 11:24 PM.