09/03/2022 Board Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, September 3, 2022, 9:30 AM PST

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City CA 96145


Directors Present:

Steve Giacomi, President

Carl Bertelsen

Haley Packard


Directors Absent:

Anthony Miles


Directors Present(by phone):

Terry Sarvas, Vice President

Annie Mitchell, Treasurer

Chuck Lanham, Secretary


Staff Present:

Mitch Packard, General Manager

Aidan Miles, WMC


Vendors Present:



Homeowners Present:


Homeowners Present(by phone):

Robin Kelly, #162

Dave Nemeth, #78


9:30  -  Call to Order and Welcoming Remarks


Approval of the meeting minutes of the 07/16/2022 Board Meeting and the 07/16/2022 Executive Session.

Motion to approve the meeting minutes passed unanimously


Open Session  -  Homeowners


Dave Nemeth, #78, expressed concern about trespassers in Chinquapin. He recommended that the board consider putting a ‘No Trespassing’ sign at the gate and additional security measures around the property. Specifically, during the summer.


Carl Bertelsen expressed concern about boats driving too fast to the Chinquapin buoy field. CHOA will put together an email to owners about boat etiquette and talk to the coastguard regarding ways to patrol distancing.


President’s Report  -  Steve Giacomi


President Giacomi and the discussed a successful year and hoped to see everyone at the Annual Meeting.


Committee and Staff Reports


Architectural Review Committee  -  Haley Packard


#112, #125 decks were both approved pending metal mesh specs and top cap railing wood type


#17 window proposal was approved. ARC is looking in to construction timelines for remodels and A/C unit options for owners.


Homeowners Relations  -  Haley Packard


After a successful summer of events, the next Homeowner Relation event will likely be the Memorial Day Party 2023.

Building Committee  -  Carl Bertelsen


Spring painting is complete.  While Chase Painting has performed well the production has been slow at times.  Fall painting will begin in September, weather depending.


Deck inspections need to be completed by Jan/2025.  GM will continue to investigate repair/rebuild options on the one bedroom decks.


Grounds Committee  -  Terry Servas


No update.


Insurance Committee  -  Anthony Miles


No update.


Pool, Racquet and Bocce Committee  -  Chuck Lanham


Discussed changing pool attendant hours for Summer 2023


Courts 1 -3 resurface is currently scheduled for late September. Tahoe Fence is scheduled for  September or October for the tennis courts, pickle ball court and bocce ball court fence rehab project.


Treasurer’s Report  -  Annie Mitchell


No update.

General Manager’s Report  -  Mitch Packard


In addition to items previously reported:


Browning Reserve Group will have three people onsite for three days in late July to gather site specific data to complete the Reserve Study.


Been in contact with CalTrans regarding the dead and dying trees along their right of way on Hwy 28.  CalTrans will review.


WMC Report  -  Aidan Miles


In addition to items previously reported:


The pedestrian bridge over Dollar Creek needs repair to the top rail.  Will sand it down, fill in holes and then sand and paint in lieu of a complete replacement.


The front entry gate has had all mechanical repairs and controller updates completed and is working well.


11:15 pm  -  Meeting adjourned by President Giacomi.