03/12/2022 Board Meeting Minutes


Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, March 12, 2022, 9:30 AM PST

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd, Tahoe City CA 96145


Directors Present:

Steve Giacomi, President

Terry Sarvas, Vice President

Chuck Lanham, Secretary

Carl Bertelsen

Haley Packard


Directors Absent:

Anthony Miles


Directors Present(phone):

Annie Mitchell, Treasurer


Staff Present:

Mitch Packard, General Manager

Aidan Miles, WMC


Homeowners Present:



Homeowners Present(by phone):

Lisa Kelley, #33

Robin Kelly, #162

Dave Nemeth, #78

George Pelton, #103


9:30  -  Call to Order and Welcoming Remarks


Approval of the meeting minutes of the 01/22/2022 Board Meeting..

Motion to approve the meeting minutes passed unanimously


Open Session  -  Homeowners


Dave Nemeth, #78, concerned about the number of people on the property during the summer season and that a large number of them are not owners, guests or renters.  GM is looking for available security coverage for Memorial Day and 4th of July weekends.  Discussed changing the gate code more frequently.  One option may be to install a drop down entrance gate in addition to the current swing gate to prevent multiple vehicles from tagging along when a vehicle opens the gate.  GM will research feasibility of installing a drop down gate.  Also discussed having beach and pool passes to more easily check resident status.


Lisa Kelley, #33, question on why the entry gate is not currently closing and is being left in the open position.  Hinge on the inbound gate has failed, this is the heavier of the two gates.  Welder will be out in the next few weeks to repair.  Will also explore feasibility of adding a third hinge or possibly a support wheel on the gate to carry some of the weight.


Robin Kelly, #162, reviewed ongoing problems with dogs off leash on the property.


President’s Report  -  Steve Giacomi


The HOA is in good standing, all regulatory filings and payments are current and there are no active lawsuits.  Firewise committee will be meeting to create a three year action plan for the Firewise recognition process.


Committee and Staff Reports


Architectural Review Committee  -  Haley Packard


No ARC meeting this period.


Fast track approval for Unit #15, gas fireplace insert, Unit #44, gas fireplace insert and Unit #151, single to double pane windows.


Unit #105 is finished with all ARC items with only some painting items, hanging art work and associated lighting installation and one interior door.  The contractor has been reminded to limit vehicles from work crews and should  be totally finished by 03/28/2022.


Homeowners Relations  -  Haley Packard


Memorial Day party is scheduled and vendors for the 4th of July have been scheduled.  Will review the ticket amount to match increased vendor cost.  Since the 4th falls on a Monday this year discussed moving the party to Sunday, Board consensus was to leave the party on Monday the 4th.


Work continues on the HOA website and all current documents are posted. Documents continue to be hard to find due to multiple areas they are posted to.  Work continues on archiving all documents that can be archived and documents such as CC&R’s, bylaws, Board meeting minutes and insurance docs will be posted in the members only area of the website. 


Building Committee  -  Carl Bertelsen


Unit #1 deck has been completed.  Units #134 and #178 will be doing some exterior painting at their own expense.


Painting bids from Chase are approximately $45k to $50k above budget due to larger buildings due to be painted this year.  Chase prices haven’t increased in the last four years.  GM will work with WMC to fine tune this years painting schedule to fit with the budget.  Due to the new siding stain which has been used for the most recent two paint cycles and is more durable the existing painting frequency may need to  be revised.  GM and WMC will discuss with Chase Painting and by board consensus Steve Giacomi has authority to amend the current year schedule as is appropriate.


Units #160 and #162 will have new stairs installed this year.  Units #163 and #164 have new permanent posts and temporary railings that will be replaced.  Unit #134 has a railing change request for disability access that will be accomodated.


Letter detailing the proposed spa project and request for donations will  be sent out.


Dollar House remodel is pending a concept proposal and budget by the designer.  CHOA homeowner has offered to pick up the Dollar House furniture and have it reupholstered, GM will follow up.


Grounds Committee  -  Terry Sarvas


Sewer lift station status, Longo Construction is ready to proceed at the end of March or beginning of April as soon as the snow clears.  GM will notify homeowners when the sewer on the affected units will be shut down.


WMC will get cost estimates for a two or three man crew at five days a week for two months with a chipper to do additional defensible space work with a start date of 4/1/2022.

Motion to approve up to $35,000 for this defensible space work was passed  unanimously.


GM will clarify the scope on the limbing and mastication of the area behind units 1 - 20 with Tahoe Tree Care and proceed ASAP.  By Board approval, Terry Sarvas has authority if the scope needs to be amended.


GM will get bids for fuel mastication from Unit 20 to the entry road down to the office.  GM will also get bids for mastication of the area behind Units #92 through #175.  Also need bid to trim back the entry/exit road.


WMC will order sand for the south beach and volleyball areas and will contour the south beach before the sand arrives.  WMC will also review with the TRPA forester work to open up the circle at the Dollar House to increase the turn around area for the Fire Department.  Recruiting for summer staffing is in progress.


TRPA and California State Lands are paid current.


Roads and asphalt work has been scheduled and GM will schedule a walk thru with the paving contractor.


WMC will coordinate and complete the following items:


Social trails and beach path erosion work

Flowers for all traditional areas will be planted for the entire property and pier/beach area.

Pier stairs repaired/pier bumpers repaired/yellow tape removed

Sea walls repaired at the Dollar House pier and patio area.

Lawn fertilizer ordered

Sewer maintenance will be scheduled with ¼ of the laterals inspected and the two pits that are not being replaced will be serviced.

Dollar House pier lighting repaired.

Rec Building Ice Machine room venting windows installed.

Buoy service will  be scheduled for the end of May, ½ of the buoy blocks to be inspected.

Two new kayak racks will be installed and coordinated with like kind of racks.

Punch list items in beach bathrooms completed. 

General cleanup of junk around the property and the shoreline area.

Wood chips spread in all traditional areas.

Chinquapin trail cleanup.

Paint hydrants and bollards as needed.

Set out the eight new chairs for the Dollar House lower patio (4) and the north area (4).


Insurance Committee  -  Anthony Miles


GM provided a general review of the current insurance situation for other North Tahoe HOA’s that have renewals in the May/June time frame.  The market has become more difficult since the Chinquapin insurance renewal in December of 2021.


Pool, Racquet and Bocce Committee  -  Chuck Lanham


Reviewed the timeline for the 2022 Board of Directors election.  Notice of nominations will be mailed out on or before 5/10/2022, with the nomination deadline of 06/09/2022.  Secretary will follow up with the Inspector of Elections for this year’s election.


The fencing on the west side of the pool will  be completed as soon as the snow clears.  Pool sweep has been ordered.


Three tennis court contractors for refurbishing of courts 1 -3 have been contacted and will provide bids after the snow has cleared from the courts.


Additional equipment(spring horses and infant swing) for the childrens play area will be ordered. 


Firewise Committee  -  Chuck Lanham


Firewise Committee is meeting today to complete the three year action plan that will be submitted to Firewise for community recognition.


Treasurer’s Report  -  Annie Mitchell


As of March 11, 2022, we have $194,249.28 in Operating Fund and have $1,201,866.55

In the Reserve Fund. ($193,511.06 at Plumas and $1,008,355.49 at Schwab).


Delinquencies.  We currently have 4 units that are late.  Reminder letters are going out.


We paid 1 ½x on insurance this month. (As we did last month).


December and January Financial Statements were approved by the finance committee and I would like to make a motion to approve.

Motion to approve the December and January Financial Statements was

unanimously approved.


General Manager’s Report  -  Mitch Packard


In addition to items previously reported:


In contact with Browning Reserve Group on the reserve study to be completed this year.  This was delayed from last year and will include discounts from Browning for the delay.


50th anniversary celebration is tentatively scheduled for August 6th at the Dollar House.


WMC Report  -  Aidan Miles


After a record snowfall in December, the snow removal budget is running under budget with a dry January thru March period.


Reviewed projected buoy income and expenses for the 2022 season.


Motion to approve the following buoy rental rates for the 2022 season was passed unanimously:

Season $1200

Daily $100

Weekly $500

Monthly $1500 for weekly rentals.


11:40 AM  -  President Giacomi adjourned the meeting.