01/25/2020 Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowner’s Association

Saturday January 25th, 2020 9:30 AM

Carriage House

3600 North Lake Blvd Tahoe City CA 96145


Directors Present

Anthony Miles

Haley Packard

Carl Bertelsen

Terry Sarvas

Charles Quaglieri



Steve Giacomi

Anne Mitchell


Staff Present

Aidan Miles


Homeowners Present

Chuck Lanham

Trent Pridemore

Robin Kelly


By Phone

Robert Eberhardt #189

Jim Diller #120

George Pelton #103

Colene Crowley #61


  1. Charles called the meeting to order at 9:30AM
  2. Open Session
    • Robin Kelly thanked Charles for the letter regarding dogs at Chinquapin. She commented that over the Christmas holidays an immense amount of dog poop showed up on the property. Se noted that renters are a problem and suggested charging a pet fee and setting rules. She also noted that a lot of people do not know other places to take their dogs in the North Tahoe area, and suggested that they be provided a list of places they can take their dogs to run. Charles thanked Robin, and stated we’ve been lacking in solutions. A discussion was hada bout creating a two sided flyer outlining Chinquapin’s dog policy on one side and a list of alternative exercise spots on the other. Colene Crowly thanked the Board for their efforts regarding dogs.
    • Trent Pridemore gave a presentation regarding becoming a FireWise Community. Trent noted that at their primary residence in the Foothills they have become FireWise certified as have their neighbors. Tent noted he will gather more information on resources available to us. He also noted that Chinquapin should have an evacuation plan in place in case we do have a fire.
  3. The minutes of the November 9th meeting were approved.
  4. President’s Report:
    • Charles talked about he insurance increase and subsequent assessment. He noted we were able to get a $50k reduction from the Broker, and thus the assessment total was lower than previously advertised. Charles spoke of talking to a number of other Brokers and a lack of success (Same companies/same price, no call back, would only do it if named Broker of Record etc). There was a discussion regarding Brokers in general. Bob Eberhardt asked that given all this, was there any reason to not try and better the situation. Anthony Miles discussed the need to change some of the conflicting language in the CC and R’s over who is responsible for what. He also discussed changing the coverage so owners are responsible for a walls-in policy, but this would also require the CC and R changes. George Pelton brought up Self Insurance, and a discussion regarding the complications involved in that was had. Charles discussed the assessment and the ability for people to make 3 payments, a letter explaining that will go out prior to the Assessment. Charles also thanked Brian Costello for his work in getting the costs down with the Broker.
    • Charles briefly discussed the sewer project, which involves replacing the first of three lift stations. He noted we are waiting on engineering.
  5. Architectural Review Committee
    • The ARC asked for approval for a Fast Track installation of a fireplace in Unit 169. The motion passed.
  6. Building Committee
    • Carl Bertelsen inquired about progress on solving a water intrusion issue in Unit 120. Aidan Miles reported that hey have looked at it with a contractor who can do the design and install, and will be planning on getting the work done after the dig deadline of May 1.
    • Carl also commented on the new buoy boat that has been delivered and is ready to go into service at the start of the summer.
  7. Grounds Committee
    • Terry Sarvas discussed the brush removal for fire prevention that had gone on in the fall, as well as the ongoing tree removal work that had begun but had not been completed before the snow fell. Aidan Miles mentioned that as weather permitted they would continue to work on the trees.
  8. Insurance Committee
    • Anthony Miles passed on this as t=insurance had already been discussed at length under the President’s Report.
  9. Pool and Tennis
    • Aidan Miles was asked for an update on the pool and tennis area. He reported that the furniture was out for powdercoating and restrapping, additional windscreens had been acquired. He was also working on additional upgrades such as fence repair and a refresh of the tennis bathrooms, work which would be completed prior to the opening of the facilities for Memorial Day.
  10. Treasurer’s Report
    • Charles read a report from the Treasurer outlining the assessment and payment options.

Meeting was adjourned at 12:05