01/20/2023 Board Meeting Minutes

Chinquapin Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, January 21, 2022, 2023, 9:30AM

Carriage House, Chinquapin

3600 North Lake Blvd - Tahoe City, CA 96145


Directors Present

Terry Sarvas, Vice President

Chuck Lanham, Treasurer

Annie Mitchell, Secretary via Zoom

Haley Packard

Carl Bertelsen

Anthony Miles via phone


Directors Absent:

Steve Giacomi, President


Staff Present

Aidan Miles

Mitch Packard


Homeowners Present

Dave Nemuth #78

Clint Harless #44

George Pelton

Lisa Kelly #33

Robin Kelly # 162


I. Vice-President Sarvas called the meeting to order at 9:32 am

II. Open Session –

    • Homeowners would like zoom in the future and the board is looking into that.
    • Harless Unit #44 concerned about amount of snow on roof and deck but was assured that our roofs and decks are engineered correctly for snow weight.
    • Robin Kelly #162 concerned about the walkways into her unit.
    • Robin Kelly #162 complained about snow removal on NYE day. Shoveled 3 ½ feet herself. When she returned home she found snow dumped in her walkway and she was unable to return to her home.  Does not understand why no one cleared her walkway.

III.     Motion to approve the minutes of the 11/19/22 were approved unanimously.

IV. Committee and Staff Reports

  • Treasurer’s Report - Chuck Lanham
    • As of Jan 2023, we have $193,865.98K cash in the Operating Fund ($137,260.32 at Plumas and $56,605.66 at Bank of West.
    • As of Jan 2023, we have $1.127M in Reserve Fund. ($1,012,979.97 at Schwab and $114,793.20 at Plumas.)
    • We are currently within budget and operating under calendar cycle except for Fees & Licenses, Homeowners Relations, Monitoring - Freeze Alarm, Pier Buoy & Beach, Pool & Tennis, Dollar House, Decking Stairs & Walkways and Sewer Lines.
    • Delinquencies:  3 owners greater than 90 days and 2 partials 61 days or greater.
    • Financial Statements for October and November were approved by the Financial Committee. Motion to approve passed unanimously. 
    • Based on the final cost for the HOA Master Insurance policy for 2023 of $1,610,889.09 compared to a budget estimate of $1,150,000.00 the following motions were made:
      • Motion was made and passed unanimously to increase the 2023 budget amount for Insurance to $1,610,889.09.
      • Motion was made and passed unanimously to have a special assessment to cover the increase cost of insurance for 2023 of $2,700 per unit, billed over the remaining three quarters of 2023 for $900 per unit.
  • Architectural Review - Haley Packard.
    • No submissions to ARC.
    • Working on Dollar House renovations and getting bids for upholstery and discovered it’s cheaper to get new furniture.
    • Goal to finish Dollar Project by Memorial Day Weekend
    • No major remodeling for Dollar House.
    • Looked into Charging Stations but at this time we do not have a solution. Currently looking at Power Charge that is being used at Tahoe Tavern.  $600 dollars apiece but does not include mounting station and installation.
    • Recommending a test station near the office.
    • Further research on this topic will be done.
  • Insurance Committee – Anthony Miles/Chuck Lanham
    • Insurance came in higher, and the agents gave us the best possible guess and were surprised as well.
    • Final cost for the HOA Master Insurance policy for 2023 of $1,610,889.09 compared to a budget estimate of $1,150,000.00
    • See Treasurers Report for costs and motions. 
  • Building Committee and Special Projects– Carl Bertelsen
    • Significant roof leak in #130. HOA will have to cover repair and carpet damage.  Recommendation to have a roof inspector check designated roofs.
    • Tree fell down behind Carriage house.
    • Entryways into 1 bedroom stairs unit need to be evaluated. Looking into ideas including rebuilding stairs
    • Spa: no update.  Still trying to get TRPA to get out to look at the tree.
  • Grounds Committee- Terry Sarvas
    • Snow removal budget will likely go over this year due to mass snow.
    • Need to discuss the removal of boat craft and have a better plan next year.
    • Terry Sarvas requested a plan for brush and tree removal when snow melts.
  • Pool and Tennis Committee—Annie Mitchell
    • Fencing got done on 3.
    • Requested that fencing gets done as soon as possible. Aidan will contact them.

V. General Manager & WMC Reports – Mitch Packard and Aidan Miles

    • Need new snow removal vehicle that is a plow and a blower. Aidan is looking at various solutions and presented pros and cons of several models.
    • Leasing or purchase was discussed. Purchase would reduce our overall snowplow budget.
    • Aidan was asked to present cost analysis to the board.
    • Snow has kept WMC very busy. Key priority in snow removal is making sure that Fire hydrants are visible.  We are compliant with that issue.
    • Buoy notices will go out middle of March.
    • Exploring security companies to prevent ‘unwanted guests’ particular in the summer. Looking into bracelets for residents/renters to identify that they are fine on compass.

VI. Adjournment- Vice- President Sarvas adjourned the meeting at 12:13pm

VII. Executive Session—no executive session occurred.